The New Emy Sykes 2010 !

The Old Emy Sykes Is Gone, The New Emy Sykes Is Here, With New Life Story, New Spirit In Life And Skateboarding Life, And Some New Friends That Always There When I Need Them, Well, Not So Many Of Them, For Now I Found Only Two, But Still, I Love Them So Fucking Much ! And They Are,

Adam Zari @ Adam Kepong (:

This Guy Here, When Im Down, He Cheers Me Up With His Funny Jokes, Funny Stories, And Lots More. Seriously, I Think He Can Replace My Old Pet Brother Before This. And I Really Hope He Won't Be Like My Old Pet Brother. I Love You La My Brother ! ^^, *Oh Ya,Congratz Cause You Won First Place In Malaysia Extreme Sports Championship On 3rd October 2010*

Hezza Ezzickry @ Zic :D

This Crazy Guy Over Here Kinda' Have The Same Brain And Thinking With Me. When We Chatting, We're Gonna Laugh Our Brains Out Like Hell ! Haha ! When One Of Us Having A Problem, We Will Help Each Other 'Till The Problem Is Solve. Oi Crazy Guy, I Sayang You Lah Weyh ! ^__^

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