10.10.2010 (:

That date im gonna remember until whenever. Cause that day, i met someone, someone that i know from facebook, and we get to know each other through Skype. He's funny, fun, caring, loving, and so freaking kind,and his so cheerfull all the time when we hang out the whole day. From a friend to a brother, his name is SHAHRIL AFFENDDY. At first when i on my FB, there's a friend request, he added me, i was like, who the hell is this guy, and i just approve him. After i get to know him, i was thinking like, ''hey,he's not so bad at all, he's funny and kind''. I ask him whether if he got MSN or YM, he said he got Skype only, i was like ''Skype ? i don't have one, wait, im gonna do one now, wait2''. After 10minutes, we started to chat at Skype, i laugh like hell cause he just won't stop making jokes while video call. *Okayh Okayh, I Skip To The Part I Met Him*. So,on 2.00p.m, he text me, telling me that he arrived Sunway already, i was like, ohh okayhh. Right after that, i ate, get ready, grab some stuff, and straight away out from this house, heading to Sunway. Arrived at Sunway, i call him, asking him where is he, and blablabla, then TADAAAAAAAAA, i saw him with his funky shoes, *HAHA*, but still, he look good, i mean, handsome, :P Then i get to know his friends,Emir and Jambu <-( i know,that's weird right? xD ).
We hang out, walk around one Sunway cause we don't know where we heading. After 'lepak' at 'mamak', we head to the SHOWDOWN STREET FEST 2010. We hang out 'till around 10.00p.m, then i tell him i got to go, it's getting late. I 'salam' him, *hey, i respect my brother okayh,don't judge me*,and off i go. Then sudddenly, i hold my pocket, i was like, "SHIT,ABANG PUNYA ROKOK ! AAAAA DAMNNN ". I text him, ask him to come back here cause he went to the 'mamak' stall that we went in the evening. Then i rushed to the 'mamak' stall, meet him again, gave him back his 'rokok', then head back to the SHOWDOWN STREET FEST, waiting for Adam Kepong that is waiting for Von and Lady 7 from SOULKRAZY finished their turn to dance. Then,Adam send me home. Im so freaking tired, head to my room, take a bath, eat, on9 for a while, then sleep.

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