Friday the 11th of March 2011 :)

I went out and meet him at Sunway. We walk around, went to MPH and read a cartoon book about Datuk Dr. Mahathir - it's cute and funny :D After we're done reading it, we went out and walk around again. We went in some shops and sit down on a bench for a while and we talk about some things. Then we went to the arcade and played some games :D

Around 9.19 pm we went to the movies, and bought a ticket for Big Momma 2 : Like Father Like Son. Oh ya, He's friends also watch the movie together with us. After the movies, we went to the mamak and eat, but he didn't eat. I gave him some of my food, I snap some pictures for his friends and he draw something in my book that I always bring it wherever I go :D

After chilling at the mamak, his friends need to go already and so do we. And I ride his bike, John, with him to my house :D John is not a bicycle okay, his a motorcycle. Off we go to my house while riding John. We stopped by at the skatepark for a while cause he wants to see how does the skatepark looks like :) Hangout there for a while and then we went to my house.

After we arrived at my house, it's like 2.00 a.m I think. We sit down on the sofa, chilling while watching Zizan and Johan being silly in the tv - Gelanggang Raja Lawak show. It was so funny, B.B was trying not to laugh so loud. Hihihi :D We watched tv, talked, cuddling, talked more about each other, snapped some pictures using B.B's phone and etc.

The clock says it's 5.30 a.m already and he have to go home 'cause his working later in the morning. We said goodbye and off he go with John the motorcycle. 6.19 a.m he called me saying that he's at home already and getting ready to sleep and we were off to bed - at each others house and beds okay.

Thank you Bosir for the movie :)
Well, it's not done yet actually. :D

Emy Sykes

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