Skateboarding Is Part Of My Life * part One *

I start to skate when I was in Form 4, month of March 2009. The person who invite me to join skateboarding scene is Ameer Hakim. From Ameer Hakim I know Kingsley Yap. From Kingsley Yap I know Mont Kiara Skatepark, Shah Alam Skatepark and Putrajaya Challenge Park.

Ameer Hakim & Kingsley Yap :)

Hakim & Kingsley, Thank you for introducing me to Skateboarding Scene and make skateboarding is a part of my life.

From Ameer Hakim, I get to know Yuki Miyasaka, Aliff Kaizzal, Ameen Ruslan and Indima Matra :)

Yuki "Wilshire" Miyasaka & Aliff Kaizzal :)

Ameer Ruslan & Indima Matra :)

From Skateboarding also, I know other skaters out there : -

I Love Every Single One Of You <3

Mohd Fikri @ Usher & Bazly Baly :)

Wan Irman @ Eyman TK & Koya Miyasaka :)

Azreen Azman & Fuad :)

Idzham Rahman @ Amcher & Nizar Hashim @ Ja Chicken :)

Adam Zari @ Adam Kepong & Bo Amir Iqram :)

And The Rest Out There That Knows Me :)

Guys, Thank you for supporting me in this skateboarding scene. I really appreciate it, I really do, so much. :')

*To those that is not here, Im really sorry, I can't upload you pictures cause this stupid blog won't let me. ;(

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