Abang Shahril Affenddy, This Is For You (:

One day I on my facebook as usally. Then there's a friend request, so I open it to see who added me and his name was SHAHRIL AFFENDDY. I click to see he's page and so on, then i approved him as my friend. After I approved him, we started to say hye to each other and so on. From Facebook to Skype, we chat and chat and chat and blablabla.
After that I don't really remember how he became my brother and i become he's lil sister. So after quite a while we chat at Skype, Facebook, texting and calling, finally one day that is on Sunday , 10.10.2010 at Sunway Pyramid, I met him for the first time.
We hang out, laugh, telling jokes, then hang out at mamak stall, playing with my TechDeck and his one that I gave him, we exchanged stuff actually. I gave him one of my TechDeck and he gave me his keychain that i like to call him CatWoman. Haha ! After hang out at mamak stall, we walk and walk till we sat one spot for, quite a long time till my ass hurts. Haha ! Then,I look the time at my phone and it's getting kinda late, so I told him i have to go home now 'cause it's getting late. And yea, I did go home, before that, I 'salam' him as to show that I DO RESPECT HIM 'cause he's my brother yaw and I DO love my brother !
What I can say about my brother is, he is such a caring person, a loving brother, and really really really funny brother for me. That's why I love my brother, because he's the only one that really cares about me and love me as if Im he's real lil sister.

Abang Shahril Affenddy, Adek Sayang Abang Sangat Sangat ^^,

Lots Of Love:
Emy Sykes (:

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